Tango Festival Berlin
17-20 May 2013



Berlin Community Tango Orchestra 2012

Quinteto Beltango (Belgrade)

Quinteto Beltango was founded in 1998, it is the first authentic tango orchestra from the Balkans and one of the most famous tango orchestras in Europe. In their repertoire are msotly classic tangos, and from time to time some Piazzolla Tango Nuevo and Balkan Tango. The orchestra plays with great virtuosity, the concerts of Beltango are an unforgettable experience for both lovers of the dance and for admirers of the tango music. Beltango played more than 400 concerts in over 20 countries, including Argentina, France, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Denmark, Greece, Malta, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, and others.

Aleksandar Nikolic – bandoneon
Ivana Nikolic – piano
Jovan Bogosavljevic – violine
Bogdan Pejic – guitar
Ljubinko Lazic – double bass



Sexteto Obsesión Tango (Berlin)

The Tango Sextet – also known as the “sexteto típico” is one of the most interesting and most compact tango formations since 1916. Up to date, this remains to be rightly so. More agile than a large Orquesta Típica and more polyphonic as a quartet, it brings the audiance a variety of sounds which is full of musical force. This variety of sounds and the tango’s inherent pulsating power is also a feature of the Sexteto Obsesión Tango. Driven by their Obsesión for the culture and music of the tango they enchant the audience with precision and enthusiasm.
Together with the singer the sextet gets an additional voice, clear and enchanting, the tango poetry leaves a tangible image of the tango. The Sexteto Obsesión Tango feels committed to both the tradition and the continuation of tango in the 21st Century. It presents and combines in its program an exciting mix of classics and unheard.
The Sexteto Obsesión Tango was formed in the fall of 2012 in Berlin and performed for the first time the tango dinner show “Obsesión Tango”. The show inspired Berlin Tango and music lovers for three months.

Robert Schmidt – piano
Peter Reil – bandoneon
Michael Dolak – bandoneon
Cordula Welsch – violine
Sibylle Bormann– violine
Anna Maria Huhn – Kontrabass



Berlin Community Tango Orchestra (Berlin)

The Berlin Community Tango Orchestra was founded in 2010 as part of a network of community ensembles working to reunite the tango music and dance traditions. Our mission is to bring dance oriented live music to the milonga with a repertory and style that draws from the best dance music of the 30s to the 50s. The orchestra is comprised of professional musicians and dance enthusiasts working together to create the energy and emotion of golden era tango music. With the support of Berlin’s tango schools and dancers, the BCTO has become one of the largest tango orchestras  in the world and continues to develop a powerful and expressive sound to inspire dancers.



Dúo “Fuertes-Varnerin” (Buenos Aires)

Duo Fuertes-Varnerin, composed by Agustín Fuertes (voice and guitarrón) and Ariel Varnerin (voice and guitar), perform a repertoire of tango, vals and milonga duets evoking those “criollo” duets that mark the beginning of tango, such as Gardel-Razzano, Magaldi-Nodas and Irusta-Fugazzot. In the last 8 years they have performed regularly at the main milongas in Buenos Aires and have taken part in the most important tango events. They are amazing performers and a guarentee for a big Tango Party!

Agustín Fuertes (Voice & Guitar)
Ariel Varnerin (Voice & Guitar)