Tango Festival Berlin
17-20 May 2013

Magdalena Valdés y Roberto Zuccarino

Magdalena y Roberto 03_edit


Magdalena started her artistic career at the National School of Dance and then she performed in the most well-known tango shows (Tango Fire, Tangox2, Forever Tango, Solo Tango, and Tango Libertad), as well as in Esquina Carlos Gardel and Tango Porteño.

Roberto started dancing tango when he was 15 years old, but he had started dancing other music styles such as salsa, rock and bachata when he was 10. Finally he decided to devote himself to tango.

They both together started performing in 2011 at the big milongas in Buenos Aires, such as Sunderland, Salón Canning, La Baldosa, Porteño and Bailarín. They are part of the “Tango Viaje al Sentimiento” company, which performs at the most important Brazilian theaters. In 2012, they toured around Europe teaching tango lessons and performing in European milongas, in countries such as Italy, Germany, France, Portugal, Holland, and Spain. Nowadays, they continue performing, teaching tango lessons and preparing their tours.