Tango Festival Berlin
17-20 May 2013



Christian Gerber – Alberto Podesta – Luis Stazo, ITFB 2009


Dear Friends of the International Tangofestival Berlin!

We are looking forward to be having a big Tango Festival in Berlin this year, and to spend four glittering days and nights with you all! Since 1996, Michael Ruehl invites to this beautiful Tango Festival in Berlin, starting this year in cooperation with Judith Preuss (Mala Junta) and Thomas Rieser (Nou Tango Berlin). Many styles and fashions have come and gone in the world of Tango, and a festival is also a mirror of such developments. Today there is a strong reflection on the roots of Tango, the Salón style. For this year we were able put together an exciting program that shows the harmony between tradition and modernity in many facets.

As a special highlight the 13th International Tango Festival Berlin will present for the first time in Berlin a 100% authentic Tango de Salón Show on stage: “Tango y nada más!” Eight dancers, all champions in Tango Salón, pull us into the world of Argentine Tango, exactly as it is danced today in the salons of Buenos Aires. As a very special treat “Tango y nada más!” will be accompanied by Berlin based and one of Europe’s very best Tango Orchestras: Orquesta Típica Sabor A Tango!!

In addition to the stage show, there will be four tango balls with live music and dance shows, tango cafés, after-hour milongas, 37 workshops from six exciting dance teacher couples, three big international as well as local Tango Orchestras, and eight international and local DJs.

We look forward to a memorable tango event together with you!
Michael Ruehl & Judith Preuss & Thomas Rieser