Tango Festival Berlin
17-20 May 2013


Please click here for the full 2013 programme as a PDF download.

For Tango Beginners: we offer special beginner classes on Friday at Nou Tango Berlin and on Saturday at Mala Junta.

Check the list on this page to see which Workshops are sold out, and which ones have been changed/added to the program.

To ensure quality classes and teacher-student interaction every Workshop has a limit of max. 16 couples !!

Level 1: Suitable for all levels
Level 2: Suitable for 1-2 years of experience
Level 3: Suitable for 3-4 years of experience
Level 4: Suitable for more than 4 years experience

Here is a text-list of all Workshops sorted by teachers:

Carolina & Donato -
Saturday, 13:30-14:50h: Playing with the cross-foot system (Level 2)
Saturday, 15:00-16:20h: Introduction to colgadas (Level 2)
Sunday, 16:30-17:50h: Back sacadas (Level 3)
Sunday, 18:00-19:20h: Out of axis ganchos (Level 4)
Monday, 12:00-13:20h: Boleos & adornos (Level 3)
Monday, 13:30-14:50h: Colgadas & volcadas (Level 4)

Moira & Gaston -
Saturday, 15:00-16:20h: Milonga, milonga, more milonga (Level 3)  SOLD OUT!
Saturday, 16:30-17:50h: Vals (Level 2)
Saturday, 18:00-19:20h: Cuartas sacadas: a particular way of back sacadas (Level 4)
Sunday, 12:00-13:20h: Posture & good axes (Level 1)
Sunday, 13:30-14:50h: From structure to improvisation (changing system) (Level 4)
Monday, 12:00-13:20h: Follower’s Technique (All Levels)  NEW CLASS!!
Monday, 15:00-16:20h: Special Ganchos (Level 3)  SOLD OUT!
Monday, 16:30-17:50h: Embrace change & function (Level 2)

Roxana & Sebastián -
Friday, 18:00-19:20h: Possibilities in the turn (1): Sacadas & barridas (Level 2)
Saturday, 12:00-13:20h: The keys of our style (Level 1)
Saturday, 13:30-14:50h: Possibilities in the turn (2): Ganchos for men & women (Level 3)  SOLD OUT!
Sunday, 12:00-13:20h: Dancing with the melody: slowness & fluidity (Level 2)
Sunday, 15:00-16:20h: Milonga, torsion & speed (Level 4)  SOLD OUT!
Sunday, 16:30-17:50h: Possibilities in the turn (3): enrosques & boleos (Level 4)  SOLD OUT!
Monday, 13:30-14:50h: Vals parallel & crossed system (Level 2)
Monday, 15:00-16:20h: Adjustment of the figures to the space (Level 4)
Monday, 18:00-19:20h: Ornaments technique, walking, ochos, turns (Level 1)

Cristina & Daniel -
Saturday, 12:00-13:20h: Quick & rhythmic turns (Level 3)
Saturday, 13:30-14:50h: Different velocities: tiempo, doble tiempo, medio tiempo (Level 4)
Sunday, 13:30-14:50h: Vals, musicality & figures (Level 3)
Sunday, 15:00-16:20h: Caminatas: different ways of walking (Level 2)
Monday, 16:30-17:50h: Slow giros for men & women (Level 3)
Monday, 18:00-19:20h: Movement & music (Level 4)

Magdalena & Roberto -
Sunday, 12:00-13:20h: Giros, sacadas & quebradas (Level 3)
Sunday, 13:30-14:50h: Walk & sequences within the close embrace (Level 1)
Monday, 13:30-14:50h: Enrosques, lapices & adornos for women (Level 3)
Monday, 15:00-16:30h: Milonga with traspie (Level 2)

Inés & Dante -
Saturday, 12:00-13:20h: Twist for men & women using close embrace (Level 4)
Sunday, 15:00-16:20h: Figures for confined spaces (Level 3)
Sunday, 16:30-17:50h: How to dance Di Sarli Orchestra (Level 2)
Monday, 16:30-17:50h: Follower’s Technique (All Levels)  NEW CLASS!!